Hiring and Separation Forms

If you haven’t hired or encountered job separations since January 1, 2022, “new” forms are required by Colorado law. Hiring: Colorado requires employersto report Independent Contractors, (self-employed or contract employees), as new hires, if they provided their Social Security Number for tax purposes.If they provided a Federal tax ID (FEIN), you do not need to report […]

Forfeited Vacation Policies

The hallmark CO Supreme Court ruling in Nieto v. Clark’s Market, Inc., 488 P.3d 1140 (Colo. 2021) when an employer chooses to provide vacation pay, it cannot be forfeited once earned. All vacation pay that is earned must be paid upon job separation. Accordingly, any policy or agreement stating employees forfeit earned vacation under any […]

Compliant Policy Handbooks

I reviewed numerous policy handbooks in 2023 finding many organizations out of compliance. Some did not have policies required as far back as 2008. In the past a legal review may only be needed in 2 or 3 years. Particularly since 2020, dozens of new local, state and federal laws have changed or been added. […]


In the first quarter of 2023, various National Labor Relations Board staff have determined most non-compete agreements are void as “unfair labor practices.” Such contracts, which can result in lost work opportunities, violate the National Labor Relations Act. Be clear the Act applies to union as well as non-union employees granting employees the right to […]