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We address your matters diligently ensuring that your current needs are met and future ones are considered. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in the follow practice areas:



We can help. Your business is important to you. Whether you are pursuing your dream in your not-too-distant future, or in the process we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. As you follow your entrepreneurial endeavors, it is important to have a lawyer to help you navigate through the corporate legal landscape. Our lawyers are not someone you call only when something goes wrong. When it comes to policies and best practices, when it comes to protecting personal assets from business creditors, we’re there for you. We are here whether you need counsel in your professional life or your personal life.




We provide both preventive and responsive services. On the preventive side, we assure your systems are legally compliant, develop contracts and policies, facilitate training modules, and provide general advice. If claims arise, we conduct internal investigations, assist with discovery, or provide legal representation (CO) integrating our tech tools which save you time and money. If you are an employer needing additional information regarding a discrimination claim you should review our Employment Discrimination Information for Employers Section.


At Sholler Edwards, we recognize that real estate matters, whether private or commercial, are some of the most important financial decisions that we make in our lives We approach these matters with the diligence required in these matters regardless of the issue to be addressed.

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