I reviewed numerous policy handbooks in 2023 finding many organizations out of compliance. Some did not have policies required as far back as 2008. In the past a legal review may only be needed in 2 or 3 years. Particularly since 2020, dozens of new local, state and federal laws have changed or been added. Currently there are numerous mandatory leave laws, additions to discrimination “protected classes,” equal pay for gender equality, and destruction of employee personal identification.

In 2023, new law granted employers more rights regarding deductions from final paychecks if an employee fails to return company equipment within 10 days of separation.

A new process regarding notice of injury for workers comp has been expanded from four days to ten with added employer responsive requirements. A new poster is available free from the CO Dept. of Labor. See it at: https://www.laborposters.org/colorado.htm for free printable posters or order an “all in one” version at a nominal cost.