If you haven’t hired or encountered job separations since January 1, 2022, “new” forms are required by Colorado law.

Hiring: Colorado requires employersto report Independent Contractors, (self-employed or contract employees), as new hires, if they provided their Social Security Number for tax purposes.If they provided a Federal tax ID (FEIN), you do not need to report these employees as new hires. All employers are required to report all employees SSN contractors to the Colorado State Directory of New Hires within 20 days of the first day of work. The reporting portal can be found at https://newhire.state.co.us/#/public/public-landing/login

Separation: The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment requires a fill-in-the-blank digital Separation Form for the purpose of unemployment claims.https://cdle.colorado.gov/sites/cdle/files/documents/Employer-Separation-Form-22-234-fillable.pdf