Muslim Employees May Need Religious Accommodations for Ramadan

Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims, continues through June 24 this year, Those of Muslim faith abstain from eating during daylight hours. Muslim employees may seek a religious accommodation to allow for lunch break after sunset or a longer break to pray at a mosque on Fridays, which is mandatory for men (traditionally voluntary for […]

June is Pride Month

Give some thought to assess whether your organization is implementing best practices. Same sex marriages and civil unions have been legally recognized in CO for years. Are your policies and benefits equally applied, such as parental leave and health benefits? To avoid discrimination claims, assure that hate speech and harassment is not tolerated. Don’t just […]

Personnel File Inspection Required

In case you didn’t hear or need a reminder, since 1/1/17, employers must allow, at least annually, upon request, employees to inspect and obtain a copy of their own personnel file. It must occur at the employer’s office at a time convenient to both parties. A former employee may make one such inspection after termination, […]

New Overtime Rules on Hold “For Now”

You may have heard the news from 11/23 that a Texas Judge entered a TEMPORARY injunction blocking the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule that was to become effective 12/1/16. This is not the final word: They will have to prove they will win at trial to have a permanent junction to permanently […]