Excellent, Ethical, and Hardworking Attorney
Mr. Edwards worked for the Silverton School District’s from 2010-2013 as he assisted in the management of a major restoration of our historic school building and gym. He adeptly and competently helped to manage a complex, multi year, $12 million project that involved multiple governmental agencies and a multitude of conflicting mandates and regulations. He regularly negotiated various state and federal level regulations and requirements that were in conflict with one another and worked to find solutions that were acceptable to all parties. He was adapt at keeping meetings focused on the critical issues and he developed strong, respectful working relationships with representatives from multiple agencies. Mr. Edwards paid attention to details in all aspects of the project including conversations, collaborations, supervision, budgets, and RFPs. The project was finished on time, under budget, and every single penny was accounted for. In addition, he did an outstanding job managing the immense amount of paperwork and documentation that was required, adeptly using systems to track and document all aspects of the project. I know Mr. Edwards to be an ethical, trustworthy, and hard working professional. I would not hesitate to use his services again.


Kim, April 14, 2017



Government eDiscovery for Gold King Mine Spill
In 2015, the Gold King Mine Spill brought national attention to San Juan County and the Animas River, which initiated a litigation hold on our local governments. The scope of this hold encompassed two decades of correspondence and more than 39,000 documents, prompting a complex large-scale eDiscovery document collection, preservation, and evaluation process. Anthony Edwards spearheaded this effort and ensured that we remained compliant with the litigation hold and minimized the cost of preservation.


Willy Tookey, - April 1, 2017



Extremely Knowledgeable Workplace and General HR Consultation
Our company approached Lynne Sholler of Sholler Edwards, LLC because we were in need of someone that could provide training on the prevention of Discrimination and Harassment in the workplace and to provide technical support in the revision of Human Resources policies and practices.

Ms. Sholler’s is not only extremely knowledgeable in these area’s but an engaging trainer.  Our company has retained Ms. Sholler’s services on more than one occasion, and I would highly recommend her services in these areas.


Charlene Suess, Human Resources, Sun Ray Casino, December 28, 2016




Legal Expertise in Employment and Labor Law
We have worked with Lynne on several projects, including the updating of our independent contractor agreement, employee handbook/policy manual and employee classifications under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) updated ruling. Her legal expertise and support ensured that our organization's human resources were in compliance with both state and federal employment and labor law. As a nonprofit community organization operating on a tight budget, we greatly appreciated that Lynne provided reasonable, direct quotes for her services and she made a point of sticking to her estimates. I would recommend Lynne's services highly; she is a pleasure to work and makes the complexity of HR less daunting!

Cristie Scott, Executive Director, Durango Arts Center, October 17, 2016