Colorado Voters Pass Amendment to Raise Minimum Wage

Voters approved a measure to raise the minimum wage in Colorado to $12.00 per hour. Beginning in 2017,  Colorado Amendment 70 outlines gradual increases to the state’s hourly minimum wage over the next four years.

Gradual Increases In Minimum Wage

Colorado Amendment 70 raises the hourly minimum wage by $0.90 per hour each year, starting from the 2016 minimum wage of $8.31. For employees, the annual increases will result in a minimum wage per hour as follows:

  • $9.30 in 2017
  • $10.20 in 2018
  • $11.10 in 2019
  • $12.00 in 2020

For tipped employees, the minimum wage is currently $5.29 per hour, plus tips. Beginning in 2017, it will go up by $0.90 per hour each year until reaching $8.98 in 2020.