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Often, employers are the recipient of  unforeseen discrimination claims, uncertain of what transpired to result in the allegations. Sometimes, employers suspect that an unhappy employee may try to claim discrimination or harassment because of a protected status such as age, gender, disability, orientation, ethnicity, race or country of origin.

In these situations, employers should  immediately begin documenting all interactions with the employee, including emails, conversations and observations. For example, if an employee is unresponsive to direction, make documentation of the lack of response and the action taken, showing that the encounter was based on the employee’s behavior. In  discrimination cases, the employee maintains the burden of proof, meaning that the employee bringing a claim must prove that the discrimination occurred. Your account, if properly documented, can help to show the court the claim is incorrect and that you acted appropriately.

We will help you put together a sound case, based on the facts and evidence, protecting your interests and your company.


In Colorado, an employer can fire an individual at any time. The exception is if the employer is firing the employee due to a protected status or in retaliation against whistleblowing or reporting of illegal behavior.

From a business perspective, it is not always necessarily in the employer’s best interest to fire an employee at-will. Such actions, can sow the seeds of distrust and  insight fear among the workforce and negatively impact morale.

Our attorneys provide you with counsel  that will protect you legally while guiding your company as to the best approach for making sound decisions tailored to your company’s needs.

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