Employment Law For Employees — Representing Workers In Discrimination And Hostile Work Environment

Our attorneys have decades of experience in representing employees in discrimination and wage matters. We provide you with honest and candid guidance and representation, protecting your interests and ensuring that you are able to exercise your constitutional rights.
We handle all forms of employment law on behalf of employees, including:
• Wrongful Discharge
• Harassment
• Discrimination
• Labor Board Violations
• Retaliation Claims
• Wage Claims
Colorado state and federal laws provide employees fundamental rights, including protection from discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation. Employees also have rights to compensation such as minimum wage, and are protected from wrongful termination. In addition, employees have a right to a safe work environment. Understanding your rights is important. An employee whose rights have been violated can seek remedies through various state and federal agencies, as well as state and federal courts. When seeking compensation, representation by a knowledgeable employment law firm is paramount. Our attorneys have over two decades experience in the employment law arena representing employees in claims involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, and other employment issues. To learn more about how our lawyers can best protect your employment interests you can reach us at 1.855.649.5884.