The Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the records of government bodies at all levels in Colorado. The law was first enacted in 1969. Most records are public and open for inspection. However, not all requests are equal: Properly drafting your request is critical to obtaining all the available relevant information sought. 

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Elected Officials and Department Heads are the custodians of records maintained within their respective offices and departments. Each government entity retains their organizational records, however, organizations may develop their own policies and procedures regarding public records in their custody

Where do I submit my records request?

You must submit your request to the custodian of the record- the government office that actually holds the record itself. There is no central repository for public records or single office that fulfills public records requests in Colorado. For most governmental agencies, you can submit your request directly to the Public Information Officer of that agency. If you don’t know how to contact that person, call the government entity and ask how to submit your request.


Where do I submit my CORA Request?

An open records request needs to be filed directly with the appropriate government office or the custodian of the records that you want to see.  Other agencies may have different processes for open records requests, so contact the office ahead of time to review its process.


Where can I find more information about CORA requests?

You can also read the rules concerning public records requests.

In addition, you can view the Attorney General Opinion concerning requests (PDF).