Litigation and Support


Sholler Edwards, LLC offers a variety of litigation support services to lawyers (from solo practitioners, to small firms and larger firms); in-house counsel, government entities and business owners. As seasoned counsel, we’re experienced handling every phase of litigation, from assisting you in securing a client to claim prevention strategies, disclosure/discovery, through trial and beyond. Managing your organization requires time and energy to focus on securing new clients, serving the clients you have, managing operations, and competently litigating matters that arise. By understand the difficulty organizations face in addressing these competing priorities, we collaborate with you to provide premium litigation support services, including: Establishing preventive information governance (policies and systems for document retention/preservation/destruction to minimized risk and be prepared if claims occur); early case assessment; e-discovery (EDRM) services; case management; pre- and post-trial motions; settlement guidance; legal research/brief writing, and more.


We understand what judges expect and the quality they demand. Yet, we also appreciate lawyers with full caseloads, client contact, and businesses to manage don't always have sufficient time to invest in drafting significant motions or briefs. We can efficiently discern salient case issues and present each one with compelling legal advocacy. In sum, we don't need supervision; present us with your issue and we do the rest. You can trust the final product is a thoroughly researched and persuasive legal brief. In short, we’re here when you need us.

Discovery Made Simple

Because the vast majority of cases settle, litigation IS discovery. In complex state and federal cases can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. We're experienced in electronic discovery (all EDRM phases), document review, and navigating issues that arise during the pre-trial process. Let us effectively organize, manage, and analyze data throughout your discovery process. Not only will we design your discovery in a comprehensive and easy to review system, we can analyze the legal issues relevant to your case. Contact us at 1-855-649-5884 for insight on how you can gain a litigation support partner.

EDiscovery Services