Sholler Edwards, LLC provides tailored ediscovery services to lawyers (from solo practitioners, to small firms and larger firms); in-house counsel, government entities and business owners. We’re experienced handling every phase of litigation. By understanding the difficulty organizations face in addressing competing priorities and changes in technology, we collaborate with you to provide ediscovery solutions in any phase necessary and proper in the EDRM Process.

Ediscovery services and solutions available include:

  • General Consultation/Early Case Assessment/Initial Strategy
  • Identifying cost effective and efficient technologies
  • Designing and preparing ediscovery litigation plan
  • Meet and Confer (Rule 26(f)) Preparation
  • Data Identification and Mapping
  • 30(b)(6) Depositions
  • Data Collection and Storage
  • Document Review
  • Early Case Assessment
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We leverage our legal skill with efficient eDiscovery and ESI technologies.

eDiscovery Colorado

eDiscovery Colorado

Our services vary depending on whether you seek to prevent a claim, file a claim or are responding to a claim. Whether you’re an individual, a business, a lawyer or an insurance company, we assist clients with Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA) and Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests.

Relevant data in the workplace is increasing exponentially, and properly managing electronically stored information (ESI) and data is essential to the discovery process. Technology assisted review provides a cost efficient and effective solution to spiraling internal investigation and litigation costs. Technology assisted review, also known as computer assisted review, utilizes eDiscovery systems to capture relevant documents quickly, resulting in savings to you during the review process. 

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eDiscovery & Our Process

We are familiar with and utilize a variety of ediscovery technologies to capture key evidence efficiently and comprehensively for early case assessment during the early eDiscovery process. We help you find the custodians, communication threads, documents, and metadata that will assist in assessing the case early and quickly get to the heart of the matter. With Proof Finder, we can rapidly and directly index complex data sets such as Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files and IBM (Lotus) Notes.

When litigation is imminent, Sholler Edwards, LLC assists you in identifying the appropriate technology for the matter. If involved in the collection process, we can preserve and search a myriad of data sets, including the associated metadata and seamlessly index threaded communications with sorting and organizing functions. This enables us to efficiently review and process relevant documents with intuitive coding and redaction tools, and provides secure and compartmentalized access to case data for multiple reviewers, investigators, subject matter experts and external parties. The model has simplified pricing where data that is irrelevant remains outside of the review part of the system and exempt from storage fees. This is an essential feature if you are only holding information associated with a litigation hold, the amount of data that is often ordered of a magnitude greater than what is eventually identified as relevant.

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