Colorado Open Records Act: A New Era

New era for  Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) effective 8/9/17. The most substantial change is that electronically stored information must be made available to the public in the format which it was created, most often referred to as “native” format. Examples of native files include: Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt, pptx), […]


Anthony Edwards presented at the Mountain Studies Institute’s 2017 Mining Conference in Ouray, Colorado which included an Agenda with a series of legal presentations. The Sholler Edwards, LLC Presentation , titled “The San Juans and the Reshaping of CERCLA and Hard Rock Mining” included a legal update on the various cases surrounding the Bonita Peak Superfund and the Gold […]

CORA “Information Disclosure” Bill Moves Closer to a Vote

CORA (Colorado Open Records Act), Colorado’s “Information Disclosure” Bill, moves closer to a vote. At the center of the controversy, critics allege that passage of the bill would result in rising compliance costs and an increase in lawsuits. Senate Bill 40 would require that the request for documents of public record be provided as digital files, as these […]

Don’t be an eDiscovery Ostrich!

Evidence is now routinely created, collected, and produced in electronic form, which means that ESI (electronically stored information) and eDiscovery is now a part of all document discovery, whether plaintiff, employment matters, small commercial disputes, divorce, or personal injury. Most likely, even email, text, word processing, financial data, social media postings all originated from a computer file, […]