Monthly Archives: November 2016

New Overtime Rules on Hold “For Now”

You may have heard the news from 11/23 that a Texas Judge entered a TEMPORARY injunction blocking the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule that was to become effective 12/1/16. This is not the final word: They will have to prove they will win at trial to have a permanent junction to permanently…
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Minimum Wage Increase Approved by Colorado Voters

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Colorado Voters Pass Amendment to Raise Minimum Wage Voters approved a measure to raise the minimum wage in Colorado to $12.00 per hour. Beginning in 2017,  Colorado Amendment 70 outlines gradual increases to the state’s hourly minimum wage over the next four years. Gradual Increases In Minimum Wage Colorado Amendment 70 raises the hourly minimum wage by…
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Eighteen days until new overtime law takes effect

"Eighteen days until new overtime law takes effect" As presented by Lynne Sholler and published in the Durango Herald: Business owners and managers, are you prepared to implement the new Fair Labor Standards Act overtime law that will take effect Dec. 1? It’s been in the news for weeks, but perhaps you procrastinated, hoping acts by…
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